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At Peter Schwabe we understand the value of early involvement. Our Design-Assist process is a collaborative team-oriented project delivery method that capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement.

We bring together designers and contractors to work as a collaborative team in the design phase, enabling them to detect and resolve design problems and constructability issues prior to construction. The net result is a reduction in design errors and omissions costs through corrective changes incorporated during the design phase. This helps greatly reduce design related RFI’s during the construction phase when they are more costly and time delaying.

The Design-Assist process results in a well thought out and pre-coordinated design that will improve the efficiency and quality of the construction installation allowing earlier project completion and owner occupancy.

Benefits of Design-Assist Include:
Fast-track schedule and project delivery
– Control design and budget
– Reduction in design errors and omissions costs
– Coordination of complex scope during design
– Best value options and systems analysis
– Sustainability elements of design