50th Anniversary McDonald’s

McDonald’s 50th Anniversary Restaurant
Chicago, Illinois

Peter Schwabe, a trusted McDonald’s partner for over 4o years, was called in to take the lead when McDonald’s Corporation decided to construct their 50th Anniversary restaurant. The restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Chicago, is a 24,000 sq ft iconic showplace.

The project began with a demolition in July of 2004, actual construction began in August. By April of 2005, the project was complete and ready to open with many anxiously awaiting customers.

Project Highlights Include:
– 2,700 cubic yards of concrete in the building foundation walls alone (300+ truckloads of concrete).
– 600 cubic yards of concrete in the site work (75 truckloads of concrete).
– 125 tons of re-bar in the building.
– Large arch weigh over 84,000 lbs. (42 tons) and stand over 62 feet tall.
– Arches contain a 1/5 of a mile of lineal footage of weld 420 man hours for fit-up and welding.
– Small arches weigh approximately 14,000 lbs. (7 tons).
– Over 500 feet of sheet piling was driven 30 feet in the ground around the perimeter and braced with 24 diameter steel tubes to provide the necessary earth retention during excavation.
– The Storm Trap water retention system located under the parking lot maintains a holding capacity of 50,000+ gallons.
– Structural glass system and exterior wall panel system (Trespa) are products produced in Germany,
– Dining area floor tile was imported from Italy.


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